Campus Life

Welfare Program

“Shiyu-Kaikan” Hall

“Shiyu-Kaikan” Hall is a facility that offers students and staffs various opportunities of a school welfare program and club activities. There is a cafeteria and a store on the 1st floor, a school infirmary, student counseling rooms and club activity room on the 2nd floor. At the infirmary, a full-time nurse is at work dealing with diseases and injuries. At the student
counseling office, part-time professional counselors are guiding students with trouble.

  • Store

  • Cafeteria

  • Infirmary

  • Free-space beside the Hall

  • Counseling room

  • Group Counseling room

Today, we are in the midst of rather complicated society and forced to live with various public stresses. Some students should threrefore have considerable anxiely. The Student Counseling offers various counseling programs to support our students and deals with harassment-related issues.Activities ・Freshman orientation ・Psychological tests ・Group counseling ( for 1st ?year and foreign students) ・Class visit by counselor ・Counselor’s lecture ・Counselor meeting with home room teachers (1st -3rd year classes) and dormitory housemother


Our dormitory, called Yuhou-Ryo, has a capacity of 225 students. As all dormitory buildings are located within the campus, students have easy access to classrooms, laboratories, the library, or gyms and grounds.

All rooms have a desk and chair, a bookshelf, a bed, a locker, and an information outlet for the internet. Shower rooms and kitchens are also available

Annual Events of Yuhou-Ryo

Outdoor Barbecue Party

April Welcome Party
Fire Evacuation Drill
June Lawn Mowing &Garden
Parent-teacher meeting
November Recreational event
December Student exchange event
February Farewell Party

Academic Calendar

April Entrance Ceremony, Term Opening Ceremony, Orientation for New Students, Regular Medical Checkup, Freshmen’s Training Camp, Sophomores’ Study Tour, Junior’s Study Tour
Entrance Examination of Advanced Course for Recommended Students, Entrance Examination of Advanced Course for Applicants, Entrance Examination of Advanced Course for Working People, 1st Semester Mid-Term Examination
July English Speech Contest, 1st Semester Final Examination
Summer Vacation, National Intercollegiate Athletic Meet, Omoshirokagaku Seminar, Entrance Examination for Transfers, Sophomores’ Language Study in Australia, Intensive Science Experience for Junior High School Students, Mutual Exchange with Chosun College of Science & Technology
October College Athletic Meet, Robot Contest, National Programming Contest, Campus Festival
November 2nd Semester Mid-Term Examination, Performing Arts Excursion
Seniors’ Study Tour, Winter Vacation, New Year’s Concert, Entrance Examination of Applicants
February 2nd Semester Final Examination, Presentation of Advanced Course Graduation Works, Entrance Examination for Applicants, Entrance Examination for Returned Students
March Presentation of Graduation Works, Term Closing Ceremony, Continuation Ceremony in Third Grade, Graduation Ceremony, Holiday of End of School Year, Juniors’ Language Study in New Zealand, Overseas Study Program for Advance Course Students at INSA de Rouen in France