AMコース 応用計測工学 2年・前期・選択・学修2単位
担当教員 池田 耕 連絡先 
講義の概要 In this class you will learn the optics and application of optics for mechanical instrumentations. You will learn Maxwell's equations, reflection, refraction, propagation of the light, interferometry and so forth.
Part of this class will held in English
到達目標 Learn fundermental of the wave optics.
Learn how to hundle optical instrumentations.
日程授業項目理解すべき内容 理解度
前期 第1週 ray optics learn how to treat ray
第2週 Fourier transform learn Fourier transform  
第3週 wave optics 1 learn propagation of the light from the Maxwell's equation  
第4週 wave optics 2 learn diffraction  
第5週 Fourier optics learn relation between Fourier transform and transform by lens  
第6週 Laser lean how to amplify light  
第7週 Coherence and interference lean concept of the coherence  
第8週 Thermal Radiation and Spectra As light source, learn how thermal radiation and spectra works.  
第9週 Optical instrumentation learn list of the optical components  
第10週 Optical sensor lear how optical sensor works.  
第11週 Interferometer learn systems of interferometer  
第12週 Doppler shift learn instrumentation system using optical doppler shift  
第13週 Polarization learn instrumentaiton system using polarization  
第14週 Non linear optics lean instrumentation system using Non linear optics  
第15週 (期末試験) 期末試験を行う。  
第16週 総復習 前期の内容を復習する。  
学習教育目標 Bに対応
教科書・参考書 Grant R. Fowles, "Introduction to Modern Optics" Doverbooks
Required: wave term in physics, fundamentals of instrumentation.
Home work: Read textbooks before and after class.