Library and Academic Information Center

Our library provides students and faculty with various resources for study, teaching, and research. It holds many books and periodicals, and subscribes to online journals (Springer) and a database (CiNii Articles). Digital library contents (provided by “NetLibrary”) are also available. There are six “Library corners” for students, located near the homerooms and dormitory rooms. To enhance collaboration with the local community, the library is open to the public.

A reading room

Newspapers and Periodicals

The information and computing education of NITIC has been performed by using the campus network and the four computer rooms that are named “Denshikeisanki Ensyushitsu”, “Multimedia Pasokonkyoshitsu”, “Computer Ensyushitsu” and “Johokogaku Ensyushitsu”. Students will be able to freely use these rooms whenever those are available. Moreover, it is also possible to take e-learning lectures delivered by distant partner universities.

In our school, information network (campus LAN) has been built throughout the campus by optical cable. In addition, communicating with all over the world is made possible through the commercial internet circuits.
With these networks, you can e-mail, search for library information, and gather useful information about education and research from around the world.

Denshikeisanki Ensyushitsu

This room is located in the Information
Processing Center Building, where we have 51 Windows PCs. It is available until 20:00 on weekdays. For this reason, many students can use it after school for various purposes.


Computer Ensyushitsu

This room is located in Department of Electronics and Control Engineering Annex Building, where we have 51 Windows PCs. In the lectures and exercises this room is available for primarily automatic design drafting and programming education


Johokogaku Ensyuushitsu

This room is located in the Department of
Electronic and Computer Engineering Building, where we have 50 Linux/Windows multi OS PCs. This room has been primarily available not only for Java and C programming exercises, but also for a variety of purposes such as parallel computing or image processing.


Global Education Center

NITIC has been engaged in various international exchanges such as accepting overseas students, overseas internship programs for Japanese students and promoting academic partnership with universities or colleges overseas. In 2002, International Exchange Center (IEC) was established in order to activate such international exchanging programs.  International Exchange Club is one of our unparalleled activities to help overseas students cooperate with Japanese students to get involved in our college festival as well as local activities.  In 2017, Global Education Center is expansively established for further globalization beyond exchange.

Agreement of academic exchange

NITIC has concluded an academic exchange contract with universities overseas, including INSA de Rouen in France that has long been with us since 1989 and Chosen College of Science and Technology in the Republic of Korea since 2010. As for INSA de Rouen, NITIC initially accepted the first exchange student as a trainee in 1990 and started sending its students to INSA de Rouen since 1991.

Student dispatch to INSA de Rouen

Internship in Chosen College of Science and Technology


Technology Research Center

One of the school’s missions is to cooperate in development of regional industry with our technology. We strongly hope to find new more subjects of research by sharing our information with the industry.

Technical Teaching and Support Center

This center was founded in 2002 to carry out the technical support and the specialized engineering tasks. In 2008 it was restructured as the current organization. The staffs support the regular course and the advanced one with their techniques and knowledge. They give basic techniques to the students and support the faculty for highly advanced technology. The staffs make continuous efforts trying to keep safety first, so that the students can take pleasure in manufacturing. The center is also challenging to solve the latest tasks such as the maintenance of the most advanced LAN system on campus.

Health Service Center

Gender Equality Progress Center